The Life Story Of An Otter

NOTE:  For the most part, this page has not been updated in a VERY long time (around 5 years).  When I get around to redesigning the site I will  update it.

basically, this page should tell you who i am and what i do. it has no structure or set organizational pattern...just random ramblings. the first part of this page should give you an overall knowledge of all that is otter. i will give each part a topic, so if you aren't interested in knowing about something, just don't read it. next you should see an on ongoing and constantly updated list of questions from those little "get to know your friends" e-mail surveys that were "cool" not too long ago. finally, you shall read whatever i see fit to tell you...beware

who i am and what i do
to start off, my name is joshua j. smelser.

in the land of world wide web i go by OtterFreak, SNZipperhead, & Joshua J Smelser.

places of residence
i was born in south florida, raised in south florida, and slowly conditioned to very much dislike south florida. why you may ask do i detest south florida? well, everything has an exception to the rule, but for the most part; the weather is humid, the people can be a little of the unfriendly side, and it's flat. i am much happier living in atlanta (where i have resided since 1994). just like florida, there is an exception to the rule; but atlanta has friendly populists, beautiful fall and spring weather, and you are never too far from a place that is still in its natural state.

i started off school at riverwood for preschool. after i had experienced all the life lessons that preschool could teach me i went to broadview elementary. my mom was the PTA president and for the most part i can say my memories of K-5 are fun-filled ones. i remember vividly the last day of elementary school, which was a not-so-happy memory....the girls in our class (mrs. farmer & mr. novajosky's) were in tears and were very upset by the fact they thought they would never see each other again. now that i think of it it was kind of like the last day of high school. anyway, after elementary school i went to a magnet school for computers called parkway middle. it was a hellacious experience for me....i got in my first and only fight (which ended with a swift kick to the oppressor's jewels..i don't fight nice). i constantly felt out of place and i wasn't learning anything about computers that  i didn't already know. the next year, i left parkway never to look back again. i attended to silver lakes middle school for a short while before my family moved to georgia. i continued the 7-8th grades at tapp middle school. not a bad experience aside from the pepper spray incident & the weekly mile runs in p.e.. next up was high school, feared but awaited. i went to mceachern high and i can say that even though it had it's ups and downs it was a great time. i was involved in clubs, student council, plays and all kinds of stuff. there was plenty everybody complained about (even i complained sometimes) but it was a time i will never forget. i went to kennesaw state university from fall 99 until january 2001.  from april 2002  until november 2002 i was a student at chattahoochee technical college working towards a degree in web design. currently i am on an indefinate hiatus from school until i am ready to go back.

i've worked in the following positions:
good mews animal shelter- shelter maintenance
cat care hospital- vet tech assistant
petsmart- cashier
blockbuster video- customer service representative
zoo atlanta- jr. zoo crew assistant coordinator
kennesaw state university- photography editor of "the sentinel"
wherehouse music- store manager
spherion - multi-staffing employee (for ibm)
currently... ibm - contract administrator
see my full resume

most of my time is spent at work and school  but i do like to have things to do when i'm not at either of those places.....

i had been volunteering in two places for about 6 years. the first was good mews cat shelter. it is a no-kill, no-cage cat shelter and is a wonderful refuge for homeless cats. the second place is zoo atlanta. i started off at zoo atlanta in a teen volunteer program called "the jr. zoo crew" for people 13-17 years old. when i finished my 5th summer there i became an an adult volunteer.  work got in the way after high school, and i'm still trying to find the time to start volunteering again. 

when i'm not working, i usually am doing one of a few things.
1) as everyone knows i have a "little" obsession with otters. i like to work on my web page that i maintain about otters and keep up with latest in otter news. i also like to find old books and otter collectibles that i don't currently have in my possession.
2) i am a big music fan. i like to listen to my cds and go to as many concerts as i can. i like discovering new and interesting music and sharing it with anyone who is willing.
3) i am also a big fan of the arts. i like to attend theater productions whenever possible and i also like to watch movies.

what i look like
current and not so current pictures on flickr
old school photos also on flickr

get to know me

Full name:  Joshua James Smelser

Nicknames:  Josh, OtterFreak, Otter Boy, Satan (it's a long story)

Date of Birth:  2-17-81

Parents: Susan And Steven Smelser

Siblings:  Sarah

Marital Status:  As single as they get

School: Not right now

Friends: (not in any order of importance) Justin, Jennell, Tess, Kristin (Anne, Lauren, & Katie too), The Fab
5 (Julie, Christina, Amanda, Kristen & Katie), Erin & Jarrod, The Wherehouse Salckers (Jeremy, Ben, Shenoa, John, Shane, and the rest), the Zoo Crew, and my family.

Pets (pictures) /names: CATS: Mr. Bigglesworth, Persephone & Miko [RIP Charles(1-24-01), Tigger(3-30-01) and Squeakers(10-27-05)]
               BIRD: Taz
               FISH: [ RIP Willow & Tara the lesbian goldfish (2002)]
                      [RIP Spike the Plecostomus (02-02)]

Hobbies: Playing on my computer and editing my web pages, Listening to my cool music, going to the movies, visiting my otters, Doing the Zoo, and Volunteering at Good Mews.

Things I collect:  Anything that has to do with otters

Best advice ever given:

Word or phrase you use too much: otters

A non-sport game in which you excel: Mortal Kombat

Non-sport game you enjoy: Monopoly

Dream car/mode of transportation:  The Batmobile (or any black corvette that looks like the Batmobile)

Coolest Experience: Playing with the otters in Statesboro

Scariest Experience:  Being in the dark warehouse

Stupidest thing you've ever done: Spilled candle wax on the carpet

Favorite thing to do in the summer: Go to the zoo

Favorite amusement park ride:  The Gravitron

Special skills/Talents: Know way too much stuff about otters

What I want to be: ????????????

Favorite music:  All kinds! Rock, Pop, Trip-Hop, Alternative, Folk, Jazz, Hot Jazz, Big Band (see the Music section)

Favorite food: Any cool vegetarian dish

Least favorite food: Lima beans

Favorite subject: Theater

Favorite Actor: Jim Carrey, Oliver Platt

Favorite Actress: Liv Tyler (Please marry me!), Ana Paquin

Favorite Movie: Awakenings, Austin Powers, Magnolia, Amelie, The Royal Tennebaums, Empire Records, Nightmare Before Christmas (or anything by Tim Burton)

Favorite Cartoons: The Simpsons, Ren & Stimpy, Space Ghost

Favorite TV Show:  Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Favorite Day of the Week:  Saturday

Favorite Month: October

Favorite holiday: Halloween

Favorite part of the newspaper:  Entertainment

Favorite thing to wear: Clothes

Favorite book(s): Ring of Bright Water

Tartar control or whitening: Whitening

Favorite cereal: Anything with fiber & fruit, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Captain Crunch, Corn Chex

Peanut or Regular M&M's: Peanut

Favorite Children's book: Rikki Tikki Tavi

Quote: "If you tell me you're crazy maybe then I'll understand" -- Tori Amos